Sunday, May 14, 2017

Versailles: a love story

What can I say about the most beautiful place in the world? I remember reading a book about Marie Antoinette as a kid and just staring at the picture of Versailles on the cover over and over. 

I don't think that little kid expected she would be lucky enough to end up at Versailles for the 8th time by the age of 27. 

I found out on our first date that it was David's favorite place in France too! That definitely won him some points. This might be the only place where he feels some French pride. He still felt the need to rep an American flag t-shirt though.

We decided to spend a weekend in Versailles not just because it's Versailles, but to go to the Paris temple open house (the temple is very close to the palace!). 

I would like to give a shout out to the IRS for funding this trip via my tax return. It was my first tax return and it didn't take me long to start spending it. But no regrets spending money to visit my happy place!

We flew to Paris Saturday morning and went straight to the chateau. Soon we were shuffling along in the line of tourists through the familiar golden hallways.

Even though I've been here so many times, I can't just not take pictures. It's too pretty. It was nice though, to not feel pressured to take pictures of everything.

The doors might be my favorite part!

Zoomed in on the decorations and patterns!

The only not perfect part of our day was the rain. We had been excited to enjoy the gardens. That had to wait until the next day. Pictures of the garden fountain show coming soon!

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