Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Paris in the Spring

After two days in Versailles and a morning spent touring the new Paris temple, we were only left with a few hours to spend in my favorite city. 

The train from Versailles and finding luggage lockers to store our bags ate up almost half of that time. Getting lunch took up another hour... which only left us about an hour before we had to head to the airport. It was better than nothing, but much less than I wanted!

Our lunch was pretty worth it, though. We did some research beforehand and decided to try out a place called Breakfast in America. The owner, an American who lives in Paris, didn't like that the only American food available in France was fast food (and not even the good kind, just the McDonald's kind). He decided to open an American breakfast restaurant. I guess it's done pretty well, because now they have 3 locations!

My pancakes and maple syrup tasted just like home! It was delicious! It's funny how you start to crave things when you can't have things. I've never found thick American pancakes in France. You can find maple syrup if you really try, but at our grocery store its 9 euros for a TINY bottle. It was also fun to have an American waiter, because waiters in Paris are usually not the most friendly of people ;)

I noticed on the map that the restaurant was near some of Paris' covered shopping galleries. I hadn't been inside one since my study abroad a long time ago, so after lunch we google mapped it over to Galerie Vivienne. Pretty!

It's been bothering me for a while that I've never made it to Paroisse Saint-Eustache, a church in central Paris (just outside of the entrance to Les Halles). I don't know how I missed it before, but now I can check it off my list. 

For the rest of our short time in the city, I decided to just wander and hope we didn't get too lost. Wandering in Paris usually ends up being worth your time.

We eventually ended up in the Tuileries Gardens.

Ending up there worked out perfectly because there was a direct metro line to the train station! From there it was off to Orly airport and we were back in the south of France after just an hour flight. Me and David both feel like weekends seem longer when you pack so much in! We were only in Paris/Versailles from Saturday noon-Monday night, but it didn't feel like that. 

David will need to go to Paris for his green card interview once his American immigration process progresses. Of course, I'm planning on piggy backing onto that trip and squeezing out all the time I can in "my" city.

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