Monday, May 1, 2017

France is closed.

Yes, it's true. France is closed today. We didn't know about that and it resulted in a bit of a fail this morning...

Today is May 1st, which is a national holiday in France. It's the Fête du Travail (Labor Day). Not sure if/how it's related, but it's also a tradition to give people bouquets of muguet (lily of the valley) on this day. I remember my Paris host mom giving me a little bouquet back in the day and feeling special!

Looked a little something like this.
Since David had a long weekend, we went on a fun last minute road trip and got back late on Sunday. We were thinking we could run errands on Monday since we have pretty much no food at the apartment. Silly us. 

We drove to our normal grocery store. Closed. But surely, not every store was closed. We decided to be optimistic and check a few other stores. After 20 minutes of driving around, we ended up back at the apartment with no groceries. Every store had a sad fermé sign hanging in the window. (Gilmore Girls anyone? When everything is closed in Paris?).

So that is how we learned that grocery stores are closed on May 1st. Apparently David has never tried to shop on this day before.

I should have expected it because France, but I guess when I think Labor Day- what comes to mind are special sales (which lead to more people shopping) instead of the opposite. 

It makes sense when you compare the American attachment to capitalism (it's a holiday! let's take advantage and make more money!) v. the French attachment to enjoying life (it's a holiday! let's take time off!).

Anyways, thankfully we didn't end up starving. The boulangerie on our street was open, and bonus... the pastries are buy one get one free on Mondays. How could I say no? 

Very French moment in the bakery- a regular customer came in and gave a muguet bouquet to each of the bakers. Then they all did cheek kisses. I was already surrounded by fresh baguettes, but that was REALLY an "I am definitely in France moment."

The baguette I bought was so fresh it was warm. That cured any 'annoyed at France' feelings that were still lingering.

Oh France. I know I will miss you next year, even though I also know I will really enjoy living in the land of convenience again.

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