Monday, October 10, 2016

To be French or not to be...

Just a few of the most French and least French things that I was up to today.

Walking to the boulangerie in the morning to buy a fresh baguette.

Spraining my ankle on the way there because cobblestones. And then taking a selfie with the baguette like a lame American who is still excited about the baguette despite being in pain and having to hobble through town.

Later that morning...

Doing laundry in this weird tiny machine and then hanging everything up to dry outside because there's no dryer.

This thing gives me a heart attack every time I open it.

Breaking said weird tiny washing machine because I used it wrong. And then feeling all European and excited while I was hanging up my little socks with clothespins on our Mediterranean-view balcony (because a real European would be all chill about that).

Our view

All in all, it hasn't turned out to be the BEST Monday, but I'm still alive. And David was able to fix the washing machine. The European life isn't all glamour ;)   Happy 1 week Franciversary to us.

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  1. Love this! Hope your ankle heals quickly so you can keep exploring! :)