Tuesday, October 18, 2016

So, what now?

Every new person I meet in France asks me what my job is here. Um, none of the above?

I won't have a work visa for another few months (and even then, the odds of me finding a job in this little town are honestly pretty slim). I have to amuse myself finding things to do and see in the area... and of course, try to profit from living in France!

On one of my first solo walks around town, I wandered into the La Napoule castle gardens, which are just about a 5 minute walk away from the apartment. I found out later that you're supposed to pay to get in, but I accidentally enjoyed this visit for free ;)


I got some major Secret Garden vibes. 

Notice that "Once Upon a Time" is written above the door- it's in English because the castle used to be a ruin and was restored by some super rich American socialites who lived there in the early 1900s.

I plan on coming back with David to take the tour of the interior sometime soon!

On our first Saturday alone as a married couple, we slept off the jet lag and had a nice lazy morning. Then we went on a walk by the beach, and walked a lot farther than we have before... up over a hill so we eventually had a view of the neighboring town, Théoule sur Mer.

It was about 75 degrees, and we got hot on our little hike. After looking at the beautiful water, we came home and changed and jumped in for a swim. There were a few others taking advantage of the sunny day, but for most locals it was way too cold to swim. I'm glad we gave it a try, because it was probably our last swim until it gets warm next spring!

Later that week, the sunny days were gone and it became rainy and chilly fall (no complaints here, loving it). I'd been cooped up inside for a few days until I got bored and hopped on the train to Cannes to visit the cathedral and buy new tights. Something about fall weather gives me a strong desire to enrich my tights collection. It's how I prepare for winter. 

I have a tights store I'm obsessed with in Europe- Calzedonia. They're so cute, long enough for me, and they're good quality. Putting tights on makes my feet do ballet, so don't mind that.

There are my new favorites, so it's killing me that the holes aren't even in this picture!!

The Cannes cathedral (Notre Dame de Bon Voyage) was nothing to get too excited about if you've seen more than a few in France before, but it was still a nice getting out of the house activity.

Even better was seeing pretty downtown Cannes in the rain- a rare occurrence. My favorite part was that the Christmas lights are already up. They're not turned on yet, but the Christmas season starts a lot earlier here without Halloween and Thanksgiving in the way.

Cannes is a ritzy place, so I wasn't surprised to come across a designer dog clothing boutique complete with 300 euro outfits for puppies. It made my day.

We spent last weekend with David's family in Gap, so check out this for some lovely pictures of the Alps and complaints about adjusting to France life, if you're into that sort of thing.

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