Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ooh la la

Moment of the day yesterday:

I was on the train to Cannes. As I stood up to get off, I was face to face with a French guy who'd been chatting with his friend (in French, of course) the whole ride. When he saw me, he stared awkwardly and told his friend in English "Look, she's so beautiful." As if, since he said it in English, I would have no idea that he was checking me out.

I'm sorry, dude, that your plan backfired. It did make me smile, although I pretended not to understand at the time. I have enough French amour in my life, so I didn't feel the need to engage you in conversation.

Seriously, ladies, if you're feeling under-appreciated in America.... you might want to come to France ;)

In Cannes I went on a mission to find a bookstore. I found FNAC, a chain here in France. And I found what I was looking for- Harry Potter en français. I've been gradually collecting and reading the books in French, and Halloween week seemed like a festive time to start another one.

While waiting for the train (the schedule is annoying and there's only a train to Mandelieu once an hour), I walked down the Croisette- the area by the beach and the red carpet and palais where the film festival is held. 

To paint you a picture, here's the kind of people you usually see on the touristy Croisette: rich Russians with Louis Vuitton bags, British senior citizens on holiday, well-dressed French couples out on a stroll with their little dogs, and Asian tourists traveling in packs.

I walked down far enough to see the fancy Carlton Hotel- which I believe is the most expensive in Cannes- up close and personal.

I also couldn't resist some shopping on the Rue d'Antibes, which has every store I could possibly want to buy clothes in. I finally realized my years-long dream of owning a cozy (and bonus: sparkly) sweater dress. Now if only the weather could cool off enough to facilitate wearing it. 

From one of my fave French stores, Promod

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