Thursday, October 20, 2016

Husband's Hometown

So I have had a husband for 3 weeks now. Still a little bit weird to say that.

Last Friday we headed 3 hours north to David's hometown of Gap for the weekend. There was a problem with the car we needed to get fixed there. Because of course in France you can only get a car fixed at the place you bought it from (eyeroll).

It was terrible stormy weather during the drive on Friday night, but thankfully we made it in one piece. For reference, it costs about 18 euros in tolls to drive from Mandelieu to Gap. So now I understand why the Rubinos were marveling at the $1 tolls in Chicago.

On Saturday morning we took the car in... only to have the people at the shop be confused because they forgot we were coming. They asked us to come back in a few hours. Instead of waiting around, me and David drove a few minutes away up to Charance to do a little sightseeing. After a short walk we had this great view of Gap.

Pas mal! I was hoping to see some more fall colors, but I guess I still have to wait a few weeks on that here. This is the peak of the mountain Charance, which you can see from David's house.

He thought I was pretty weird for making him take pictures of me while I pretended this fountain was my balance beam, but I'm pleased with how it turned out ;)

The petit ch√Ęteau on top of the mountain:

After lunch we set out with David's mom to see more mountains. That's kind of the thing to do around here- it is the Alps, after all. We drove about 30 minutes out in the country. Like, really out in the country. There were way more sheep than people.

It is at times like this that I'm really sad that I can't sing like Julie Andrews.

The rest of our day in Gap was a string of failed errands. Seriously, I love France, but they do not make it easy to adjust to life here. You just have to be verrrrrrry patient and take things slowly. Despite being promised an automatic car to borrow while they're fixing his, that didn't work out and David had to very quickly remember how to drive a stick shift (thankfully, he did!). We tried to get his wedding ring resized because it's slightly too big, but the jewelry stores in town don't work with that type of metal. We've been trying to find time to buy a mattress pad because our mattress sucks... but of course when we go to the mattress store in Gap their sole option was 170 euros and it wasn't that great. 

The night started looking up when we spent hours doing a wedding picture slideshow with David's parents, since I got the pictures from the Wisconsin photographer. They look great, and I can't wait to see the professional New York pictures soon. Wonderful memories to relive!

It was nice driving back home on Sunday afternoon since it was light out and I could enjoy seeing the mountains and little Provence villages between Gap and the Riviera.

This might not look exciting, but the trees remind me of my Wisconsin!

All in all, it was nice to spend time with David's family and do a little traveling... since I've been itching to start having European adventures. This week some plane tickets have been purchased- I'm meeting my mom in Paris at the end of November to sightsee there, at the Strasbourg Christmas markets, and around the Riviera... and then in December me and David just bought some cheap flights to have a weekend in London. It's starting!

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