Tuesday, May 27, 2014


On blogger you can see how many people read each blog post you write, so when I get bored sometimes I check this out. Well, I haven't exactly had a lot to do lately...so I made this list of my Top 10 most neglected blog posts for anyone who's interested!

Christmas in Strasbourg
Strasbourg calls itself the 'Capital of Christmas' because they go ALL OUT with decorations and Christmas markets all over the city. So this post includes all of my cute pictures of Strasbourg looking like a winter wonderland. 

Lyon with Olimpia
One of my most fun days in France was when I took a train down south to Lyon to meet up with my favorite travel buddy, Olimpia. Lyon is a beautiful city, so I have lots of lovely pictures!

Siena with Jenna

It was amazing to get to visit la mia sorella during her study abroad in Italy! She showed me all around this beautiful medieval city, and we did things like celebrate Halloween and eat lots of pizza together.

Bonjour Strasbourg
It's fun to look back at my first impressions of the city where I lived all year! This post has all of my best pictures of Strasbourg. And Strasbourg is so cute; so these are good pictures.

Old City with Dad
It was so fun to get to show my dad around Jerusalem! This was my LAST day in Jerusalem, and I took Dad to some of the main sites in the Old City on this day. There's some pretty views of Jerusalem in this post; because we walked around on the Old City ramparts. This post also documents the time when me and dad went shopping together...which was definitely a momentous occasion.

Dead Sea

I got to float in the Dead Sea! How awesome is that? This was one of our last field trips. We also went to Qumran, where they found the Dead Sea Scrolls...and Masada, the last Jewish fortress to fall during the revolt against Rome.

Last Sightseeing
This post is a combination of a lot of sites we saw during our last weeks in Jerusalem. Including Mount Herzl, the Mount of Olives, and more...

A Castle and a Civil War Zone

This was our field trip of sites north of the Sea of Galilee. My favorite part was going to ruins of a Crusader castle, and the most interesting part was going right up to the Syrian border, where there had been a big battle just a few weeks earlier. I even got to hang out in some Israeli bunkers.

Sea of Galilee
This was the field trip where we visited the main places where Jesus completed his ministry. Another highlight included a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee itself!

Petra, Jordan
This is my least read blog post, but it's hands down one of the COOLEST places in the world. And I tell stories about how I actually went hiking, and then later how our bus broke down in the Jordanian desert. Exciting stuff.

So...if you're looking for something to do...read away!

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