Thursday, December 19, 2013

Capital of Christmas, Part II

December was a great month to live in Strasbourg! There were Christmas markets crammed into every available space in the city, and lights everywhere. Tons of tourists came to see it all, and it was weird to see Strasbourg so crowded.

I have a ton of pictures, so I'm not really sure where to start! How about the sign that officially says that Strasbourg is the Capital of Christmas? :)

The lovely Christmas tree was very close to where I live.

And even closer to where I live, here's my street!

I loved going on walks at night and seeing lights all over the city.

Of course, during the day the best part was the Christmas markets! I loved getting hot chocolate and then doing some window-shopping.

Mostly, the markets sold food and Christmas decorations, with some other random stuff thrown in there. For myself, I bought some little porcelain Alsacian houses and a few ornaments. 

There were, naturally, some cute decorations to see in the day time too.

Strasbourg is already a pretty cool city without all of this stuff, so it was amazing to get to see all of this! And I was happy that Jenna and Olimpia both visited me in December so I could show this to them too. 

But guess what I'm happy about now?? I'm HOME!!!!

Joyeux Noël, tout le monde!

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