Friday, May 2, 2014

French Fashion

Hey look, my blog looks different! The new picture at the top is Haifa- where I'll be living next year. Seems like I'll be getting a little more sun than I did in Strasbourg :)

The clothes people wore in Jerusalem were pretty much endlessly fascinating, so I wrote a post about that (including all of my stalker pictures) a few months ago. I thought it just wouldn't be fair if I didn't do the same thing about what people wore in France.

Of course, it's not quite as interesting...because you don't see any of this:

You do, however, see A LOT of this.

Actually, as many as 10% of French people are Muslim, so you see Muslims all the time, every day! And it was pretty rare to go a day without hearing some Arabic in Strasbourg.

But since I already covered Muslim fashion here, let me move on to les Fran├žais. I wasn't planning on doing this in France, but when I saw this outfit I had to take a picture of it.

Please enjoy how big the scarf is, and the fact that there's leopard-print on his pockets. He was working it.

So after seeing that, I took pictures of people occasionally and I tried to capture the kinds of styles I saw a lot in France. Usually this happened when I was bored waiting at the train station.

I'll start with the men, because I am completely fascinated with the way they're obsessed with scarves. I feel like the concept of men wearing scarves as a fashion accessory doesn't exist in the U.S. Thankfully. Haha. 

From what I've observed, in France men accessorizing with scarves is something that no one would bat an eyelid at. Except for me, clearly.

Ok, the zoom on my phone is really good. I wasn't that close to this person haha.

I was especially entertained when I saw men wearing paisley scarves (which happened fairly often). I didn't get a great picture of that phenomenon, but in these next 2 pictures guys were rocking the paisley.

Another thing I noticed was that they usually make an effort to wear nice shoes.

Scarf+cigarette+shiny shoes =French

I spy pointy toe shoes on the guy on the right!

This was a guy sitting next to me on the train, and I think I almost might actually wear these haha. 

This next picture exhibits two more French man trends. The guy (yes that's a guy) on the left has a purse and skinny skinny jeans.

I'm so sad I didn't get a better picture of this next guy, because he had a scarf+a purse+leather skinny jeans. But he was walking too fast for me to stalk him properly.

This last picture is my crowning achievement, because it includes every single thing that I saw French men wear that didn't look American. Purple scarf+purse+skinny jeans tucked into shiny ankle boots.

Not everyone dressed like this...but a lot of people did. 

I don't have any pictures of my students, but I have this screen shot from a video of them singing Christmas songs in English. That's an excellent video, by the way! Maybe I'll post it sometime. It's so painfully awkward but their accents are so cute.

This picture documents the 'American flag' shirt trend. Every day at least one of my students was wearing one.

So I guess now I'll move on to the French girls! The way they dress wasn't as different from Americans, but they did generally dress a little fancier. One of my favorite things about France is that girls don't walk around in t-shirts, sweatshirts, or sweatpants. My kind of people haha. And it wasn't weird to just wear dresses and heels in normal life.

Everything she was wearing was expensive. I could sense it.

You know I love a good hair flower!

If I had to describe the typical 'French girl' uniform it would be a scarf (yes, the girls love scarves too), and a dress with tights or skinny jeans/leggings with ankle boots. Everyone seemed to be obsessed with ankle boots. I may have bought a few pairs myself. I mean, I had to experience French culture, right?

So maybe now you have a slightly better idea of what French people look like. You can get that image of a guy with a mustache, a beret, and a striped shirt out of your head. Despite the guys wearing girly outfits occasionally, I would say that France is the 'best-dressed' country that I've ever been to. They just seem to put a lot of effort into what they wear. 

And the shopping there. No words.

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