Sunday, July 22, 2018

Grocery Store Chic

I'm happy to be living in America. But there will always be things I miss about France.

One of the little, inconsequential things I miss is the fashion. I miss the extra effort (most) French people make to look chic and presentable in public.

Here, it wouldn't be too out of the ordinary to see someone grocery shop in pajamas. The majority of Americans are 100% comfortable wearing sweatpants or workout clothes in public. 

That doesn't fly in France. In Strasbourg, I once got yelled at by an old man for wearing workout clothes while walking home from my gym. He was utterly disgusted by my attire. It's a very different culture, what can I say.

During the last year and a half we spent in France, I was constantly amused by how nice people look while grocery shopping. When I had time to kill thanks to David being slow or a long line, I tried to snap a few pictures to document how different it is.

Yes, I'm kind of a stalker. Boredom combined with being in a foreign country makes me do weird things.


Leather pants + fur coat = winning 

As you can see, skirts and heels are normal in everyday life. These are my people.

Oh yeah, they're my people for another reason too. Dogs are allowed in most stores and public places. Seeing a sight like this always made my day! That could be a whole separate post. I have quite the collection of dog stalker pics.

I have previously written about Muslim/Jewish fashion in Jerusalem, French fashion in Strasbourg, and fashion disasters in Branson, Missouri. Enjoy.

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