Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Journey to the Past: NYC

Less than 2 months after making the big move back to the U.S., I made a little jaunt over to NYC with my mom and sister. The reason for the trip? Anastasia.

When one of our favorite childhood movies made it to Broadway, we really had no choice.

It was a short trip- arriving Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday evening, but we managed to pack in a lot of fun and sightseeing.

We spent our first day shopping at Zara and eating good food. Those were both priorities.

Our Saturday started out with a walk through Times Square. We stayed near this area in order to be walking distance to the play. 

The people in costumes have gotten more aggressive since my last visit to the city. Imagine having a bunch of these creepers converge on you and try to force you to take pictures with them for money. *Shudder*

Rockefeller Center was our next stop. We enjoyed walking there and seeing the city views on the way.

Since we've already done the Empire State Building years ago, we decided to ride to the Top of the Rock for a new experience. It was a good decision!

We had to splurge on the expensive and cheesy professional picture they took of us. They told us to pretend we were falling off. And a masterpiece was created.

After lunch we went to check out the High Line- an elevated railway converted into a park. They got that great idea because Paris did it first.

It was pretty crowded since it was a warm spring Saturday. It was nice to do something that real New York people do and not just tourist New York people.

We did a little more shopping on 5th Avenue before heading to our early dinner reservation. No, I did not shop here. But I do LOVE me some Say Yes to the Dress. My dad and husband were both so hopeful that my obsession with this show would end when I got married. It did not.

The reason for the trip- Anastasia- was on Saturday night. We all loved it! There were a few new songs, but most were familiar from the movie. 

In the process of cleaning out our basement, I found this original movie ticket from 1997. Our Anastasia love goes way back.

This doesn't quite sum up all of our New York adventures... more coming soon! 

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