Wednesday, August 31, 2016

French Driving Adventures

I would say that both me and David are not particularly gifted when it comes to driving- not incompetent, but not super accomplished. I've always been content to be chauffeured around by other people, and I avoid driving on the freeway like the plague. David lives in the Alps in a town surrounded by scary windy cliff roads (so it's understandable why he didn't always jump at the chance to drive), and then he didn't have a car during his college years in Nancy.

However, for some reason in America David isn't shy about driving at all. He successfully drove to UTAH and back alone. We also did smaller road trips to Minnesota and Missouri. So I think there's hope for us that we won't be trapped in Wisconsin too anxious to go on road trips ;)

Of course, roads in France are a lot different from roads in America. David bought a car a few weeks ago, so now he has his own car for the first time! And he has to get used to tiny and confusing French roads. Thankfully, it's an automatic car...unlike 95% of cars in France, so that makes it a little easier.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any video of the crazy driving in Cannes (because that was so much worse), but here's a few clips of the roads in Mandelieu. Including dramatic music.

Seriously, wish us luck for next year. I have lots of European road trips planned.

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