Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Capital of Christmas, Part I

I am a little EXCITED to be living in the city that calls itself the capital of Christmas. They take Christmas very seriously in Strasbourg. The Christmas markets here are the most famous in France, and some of the most famous in Europe. A ton of tourists come here for the Christmas season, so they really deck out the city.

The decorating process started early- November 4th. That’s the day that the huge Christmas tree was delivered to Place Kléber (a minute’s walk from my apartment!).

It looked like this.

Also way back on November 4th, they started to put lights up.

It’s been a gradual process putting up the lights, but they’re not turning any of them on until this Friday. 

Two days later when I stopped by Place Kléber again, the tree was up!

After that, I’ve gone on walks every couple of days to check up on the decorating process. Whenever I saw something that was exciting to me, I took a picture.

What I learned is that while the workers are putting up the lights, they’re turned on so they can see how it’s looking. So I’ve gotten a few previews of what it will look like starting this weekend.

This past weekend, they really stepped things up. Now there’s a lot more decorations on the big tree, and they’ve started putting up the booths for the markets.

Another development is that all of the stores are decorated! So that’s enjoyable.

Since I don’t have the privilege of celebrating Thanksgiving (no pumpkin pie...no Black Friday...tragic), I decided that I was allowed to start listening to Christmas music at the beginning of November. I decided this when I walked into the cathedral one day, they had some lovely French Christmas carols playing. There are few things that I love more in this world than French Christmas music. I’ve been trying to find some good French Christmas music to buy, but every Christmas c.d. that I’ve found is at least half American Christmas music that I already have, so it would be a waste of money. But I secretly love that they don’t even make Christmas c.d.s without American contributions wahaha.

So this Friday is the big day when they turn all of the lights on and the Christmas markets open. I’m so there. Can’t wait. I feel like Europe just really understands Christmas.

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