Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hanging Out in Armegeddon

After having a few days to relax,  Day 6 in Galilee was another field trip day. Our first stop was Mount Tabor, which is one of the possible locations of Christ’s transfiguration.

There was a nice church there. It reminded me a tiny bit of Notre Dame. I’m just a little excited to go to France. Everything reminds of France right now.

From Mount Tabor, we had a good view of the Jezreel Valley. Except for the view isn't that awesome in this picture, because it's blurry. Fail.

Our next stop was Megiddo. The word Armageddon comes from the term Har Meggido (har means mountain in Hebrew). So this location could be the site of the end of the world ooooooh ominous.

The Valley of Armageddon:

Looks peaceful now, doesn’t it? 

Megiddo was an ancient city. So we got to see the usual super vague remains of what used to be walls thousands of years ago.

Our last stop was Bet Shearim. Not to be confused with Beth Shean, which was a place we visited on the first day of our Galilee trip. My class has the distinction of being the first BYU group to visit this place in like 20 years.

Bet Shearim has lots of ancient tombs. A lot of them were huge cave complexes where you could see hundreds of sarcophagi. Note my flawless use of the plural form of that word.

I’d only heard of one of the people that had been buried at Bet Shearim. His name was Rabbi Yehuda Ha Nasi. He’s a big deal in Jewish history. He was the one to first write down the Mishnah/ the oral Torah. That probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but we talked about it a lot in our Judaism class here.

Me with Yehuda’s tomb

Hanging out in the caves/tombs.

It was nice to hang out in caves after being in the sun all day!

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