Monday, May 6, 2013

Overlooking Jerusalem

We spent the whole day today (8 hour field trip!) traveling around to get good views of Jerusalem. 

This was the first stop, called the Seven Arches Overlook. I'm not sure what arches they were talking about, but it was cool. It's a good view of the Temple Mount.

The next stop was the Augusta Victoria tower/church. It was named after Kaiser Wilhelm II's wife, because he had this church built. We hiked up 220 stairs to get to the top of the tower. From the top we could see as far as Jordan. I couldn't really get good pictures from there because of the grates that prevented us from falling to our deaths, but here's one of the pretty church:

Is it weird to pose like that in a church? Maybe.

Our next destination was Nabi Samwil, which is named after Samuel from the Bible. Some people think this is his burial site. There's a combination synagogue/mosque there, which has got to be pretty rare. It was an orthodox synagogue, but really all there was to see (on the women's side at least) was a tiny basement room. It was kind of awkward going down there because there were lots of Jewish women actually praying and stuff...and we're like "Hi guys, we're a huge group of awkward Mormon college students disturbing your worship."

Anyways, the real reason we went there was for this view:

It's on top of a really big hill, so you could see pretty far. 

The next stop was different, because we got a view of Bethlehem. No big deal.

I'm excited to actually go to this city! We'll be going there on a field trip in July.

One interesting thing was that we could see the West Bank and the Separation Wall from a lot of these places. Bethlehem itself is part of the West Bank.

Our last stop was similar to the first overlook, but from a different direction. 

So that ended a long day of views overlooking the city. I think they were trying to help us get our bearings and figure out where things are, but I have a terrible sense of direction so I don't know if that helped me at all. But it was pretty, so that's okay :)


  1. Wow, stunning views, Marissa! You must have been tired after climbing all those stairs and hills! That's cool that you could see not only Jerusalem, but Bethlehem and Jordan in the distance; sweet!

  2. כמה טוב גוגל עושה עבודה לתרגם?

    I guess that's pretty cool, pretty cool. <3