Friday, May 24, 2013

Ancient Turkey

Get ready for lots of pictures of amazing ruins! Before this trip I had no idea that there are so many beautiful ancient ruins in Turkey, not to mention the natural beauty of the mountain surroundings.

Site 1: Assos

Fun facts:  
                 1. Aristotle lived here!
                 2. As we were leaving, I saw a real live Turkish turkey here.

Site 2: Pergamum

Fun facts:  
                 1. Pergamum is home to the steepest ancient theater in the world.
                 2. When little Turkish kids see Asian tourists in Pergamum, they do the Gangnam style dance and start following them around. True story.

Site 3: Ephesus

Fun facts:   
                   1. There are a LOT of stray cats here.
                   2. Paul lived here for a few years and taught in the theater I'm standing in. (check out the pictures in the back of your Bible)

Site 4: Priene/Miletus

This was at the end of a long day and I have NO idea what the historical significance of this site is. Tourist probs.

Tomorrow is our last day in Turkey! Then we head "home" to Israel, where there is still so much more to see.


  1. I love all your fun facts! You look marvelous, dahling! They have turkeys in Turkey; whoa! Mindbending! haha : )

  2. Oh my, I had an entire semester of classes about these ancient sites when I was in 3rd year in university. And now I realize how much I forgot! Lucky you Marissa for getting a chance to see all of this!
    Can't wait for you to come in Strasbourg!

    1. Salut Claire :) I remember learning about all of these things at college too! It's so cool to see them in person. Even though I'm already having an awesome summer of traveling, I'm really excited to get to France!! I will be so fun to see you!