Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Carnevale in Sicilia

We happened to be in Sicily during Mardi Gras- called 'Carnevale' in Italian.

David's cousin and her family live in Acireale, home to one of the bigger celebrations on the island. We took the opportunity to both visit relatives and experience a Mardi Gras parade- a first for both of us.

After a family lunch of lots of pasta and pressure to "mangia, mangia!", it was time to explore.

On our walk into town, the closer we got to the city center, the more confetti coated the ground. There were bags and bags of confetti for sale to throw at people. I only got hit once. I saw one little girl cry because someone threw green confetti at her and she only wanted to be covered in pink confetti. Rough life.

The main square had music playing, beautiful churches, some small flower-covered floats, and a lot of people standing around waiting for the festivities to start.

A good percentage of both adults and children were dressed up in costumes. 

I remember the life of having to cover up my pretty Halloween costumes with winter coats.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.
A unicorn holding a bag of confetti to throw.
Notice the hair.
Costumes for sale.
Eventually we could see the first big float rounding the corner. It featured a slightly terrifying giant baby and blasting techno music. David was not a big fan of the creepy baby or of the music.

Jessica is David's cousin's daughter, but she is only 26 (right between our ages). She was nice enough to be our tour guide and lead us through her town to see all of the floats.

The lights came on as it started to get dark out, and before we knew it it was time for our colorful day to come to an end and head back to our home base in Bronte.

Everyone was so excited to see the creepy baby again!
Why yes, that is Mr. Bean.

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