Friday, September 8, 2017

Blonds and bicycles

I never thought about going to Denmark until Elvera mentioned that she found a cheap flight flying in and out of Copenhagen. 

I found my own cheap flights going from Naples-Copehagen and Copenhagen-Nice and the idea was born. We've traveled a lot this year, but it's actually been years since I've been to a new country. I've been itching to add to my country tally. 

After a week of sweating and feeling disgusting while sightseeing in southern France and Italy, stepping off the plane in Copenhagen was magical. Elvera said she's never seen me that happy. And she was at my wedding, so that's a little concerning. It was a perfect brisk 60 degrees. I have not felt such weather since the beginning of May when we went to Paris.

This is why we're moving to Wisconsin. I need the cold. I really hate summer.

Unfortunately my camera got turned on during the flight and was out of battery, but at least I had my phone to capture what we did this day.

Our first stop was Rosenborg Castle. It turns out that Denmark has a lot of castles. Rosenborg Castle was built during the Renaissance by Hans van Steenwinckel (had to include that because it's the best name) as a summer home for the royal family. 

The basement treasury holds the crown jewels.

I loved the gardens outside too! I felt so at home with the combination of chilly weather and green everywhere.

After the castle we set out to explore Copenhagen. Everyone of every age has a bike and you really have to be on the lookout to not get hit by one.

We climbed the Round Tower for a nice view of the city.

Thanks to Elvera asking several people for directions, we ended up on Storget Street, the main pedestrian area. 

To end the night, we took a cruise around the city's canals and (if my geographic knowledge is correct) the Orsesund Strait, which divides Denmark from Sweden and connects to the Baltic Sea.

Navy ship
The royal family's yacht
Spire of the church we saw the next day.

I think we were getting tired by this point in the cruise, because when we passed the famous Little Mermaid statue we laughed our heads off as the tour guide said the statue has been beheaded twice by vandals. No one else seemed to find that funny. We could only see the statue's butt from the boat, but I went back a few days later to see it properly.

Day 1 in Denmark was a success! By the end of the day I was excited to do more exploring- I had no idea that I would love Denmark. Go figure.

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