Monday, September 11, 2017

Blonds and bicycles: part 2

On our second day in Denmark, I woke up full of energy to explore more of Copenhagen. Elvera was surprised how much faster I walk when I'm not suffering from summer heat.

We started our day at the Church of our Savior. It ended up being closed for a funeral. If you read my post about Menton, we came across a funeral there too. Are we bad luck?

As we found out later, Danish churches aren't that impressive on the inside anyways. Denmark is a Protestant country. If you want to see churches covered in gold and art, go to a Catholic country. I really liked the spire though!

Our next stop was the Danish Jewish Museum. And I didn't even force Elvera to go- it was her idea. The story of the Danish Jews during WWII is pretty uplifting. Denmark was the only Nazi-occupied country to resist the deportation of Jews.  A lot of countries did the opposite and actively helped the Nazis.

The Danes helped 8,000 Jews escape by boat to Sweden. Of the 500 who weren't able to be rescued and were sent to a concentration camp, all but 50 survived... mostly thanks to pressure from the Danish government. Good job Denmark.

The Christiansborg Palace was pretty much right next door. The royal family lives in nearby Amalienborg Palace, but they still use this one weekly for various events. Christiansborg is also where the Danish Parliament meets.

We rolled our eyes pretty hard that this fancy room is for servants haha
The library- my favorite room!
My least favorite part about the palace were the modern tapestries in the ballroom. They looked like the 1970s gone wrong. The current queen commissioned them. Apparently when she saw this one of her and her husband, her response was "At least the dogs look good."

We went on a long walk after our palace tour and saw some beautiful canals. 

We also got to see what Elvera would look like as a Danish man.
After picking up some Danish pastries, we went to go hibernate at the hotel for a few hours before venturing back out after dark.

The Tivoli Gardens are one of Copenhagen's most famous attractions. Neither of us are into roller coasters (it's an amusement park), but we'd heard that the lights at night were worth seeing. 

I have to say it was pretty magical, at least until this creepy clown photobombed Elvera's picture. I still count it as another successful day in Denmark.