Monday, June 19, 2017

Sheep yogurt and immigration

Usually weekends with David's family are my French immersion weekends. Lately David and I haven't done very well at speaking French together. Ironically, we made more of an effort when we lived in the U.S. 

There's something awkward about having a relationship with someone in one language and then trying to switch to another. Yesterday David tried to speak English to his cousin and he couldn't- it kept turning into French. There's your proof.

So anyways, it's good for me that his family doesn't speak English. We visit them fairly often, so I still get my practice in. It's funny what random words you learn hanging out with native speakers. Here's a few I picked up on this weekend.

un mammifère = mammal

la coqueluche = whooping cough

le parapente = paragliding

And my personal favorite... 

la brebis = ewe

On a related note, apparently I've been eating SHEEP yogurt for a few months hahaha. I was completely clueless. It does taste good though- just sounds weird.

We had a nice weekend in Gap getting a break from the heat. It hasn't been extremely hot in Cannes yet (low 80s), but with an upper floor apartment and no air-conditioning... I've been suffering a little bit. I'm someone that's not bothered by Wisconsin winters, but I'm a baby about summer heat. Maybe it's in my genes.

On Saturday night we drove over to the Lac de Serre-Ponçon in Embrun. It's a beautiful setting in the Alps! The water was so clear. I don't usually have the urge to swim in lakes, but I kind of wanted to in this one.

As far as life updates go...

-We still haven't heard from American immigration. We were expecting the next step of the process to get started in May, but that hasn't happened yet. So it doesn't seem realistic to be back by September (that was kind of a long-shot anyways). Hopefully in October instead.

-I FINALLY heard from French immigration. I was supposed to hear from them by March, but I just barely received my convocation to do a medical visit and have my visa validated. I'm supposed to go to Marseille on July 6th. At that point I will be fully legal, able to work, and have insurance. Of course, it happens now that we'll be moving back soonish...

-I almost moved back to the U.S.! Unfortunately, since I'm a teacher, there's only one time of the year when I can start working. I applied to some jobs (there were surprisingly a LOT of French teaching jobs open) and had some interviews. I was excited to actually be doing something I like and making money, but we decided this weekend that it wasn't worth it. Since David's immigration situation hasn't progressed, we would have had to be apart for at least 2.5 months, but most likely longer. And according to our work schedules and the time difference, we couldn't have even talked on the phone except for on weekends.

So there's that. Maybe I could get lucky again and find another long-term sub gig mid-year. We'll see! For now, I'm going to keep enjoying Europe. 

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