Monday, June 19, 2017

David and his milk

Before I talk about Venice, I have to talk about milk. Believe it or not, milk was a big part of our trip.

Let me back up. David likes to eat. I've seen him eat hamburgers as a "before-dinner snack" or even as "dessert." 

Usually on trips, he skips breakfast because he's not a fan of European hotel breakfasts. They generally lack cereal, eggs, or bacon. In France, it's more about bread and coffee. 

On short weekend trips, it's not a big deal... but prior our 4 day Italy trip he spent a LOT of time thinking about what he could eat for breakfast. Since we booked an Airbnb with a kitchen in Venice, he had the bright idea to bring along his own cereal and buy milk there. Problem solved! David could eat breakfast!!

He was very preoccupied with procuring the milk. Here are some quotes about the milk situation...

Before the trip:
Are there grocery stores with milk near the apartment? 
I need to remember to bring cereal to go with the milk.

Arriving in Venice:
I need to google directions to the store with the milk.
The stores are closed for the night!! It's too late to go get my milk!!
I have to wake up early, get ready, then go get the milk in the morning.

After the trip:
Are you going to write about the milk on your blog?

All of these phrases and more were repeated several times. Everyone in the family knew that David needed his milk at all costs and nothing would stand in his way.

I'm happy to report that he was successful. He braved the winding streets of Venice and managed to get his milk. He then said a prayer about being thankful for the milk. I think my dad almost choked trying to hold back a laugh at that point.

The milk was such a smashing success that later in the day we returned to the milk store and bought some more for the next day.

And that is the story of David and his milk in Venice. I think the whole family will remember it for quite a while.

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