Monday, March 13, 2017

The Grand Finale

After 3 days in Paris and 2 in Italy, it was time to explore the French Riviera with Brittany!

We spent Monday walking by the beach in Mandelieu and then shopping and sightseeing in Cannes.

Ooooh look at Brittany in this artsy picture.
Movie wall mural in Cannes:

There are a few of these throughout the city. Someday I'll have to get a picture of all of them!

As I posted on Facebook, Brittany officially became my intern in Cannes. She was born in May of '99 and I was born in May of '89, so it makes sense that I pass on my materialistic globetrotter ways to my cousin who's almost exactly a decade younger than me ;)

Had to throw on a hair flower: it's my trademark!
I took her to all of my favorite stores and she had a lot of success! I was especially proud that she really liked Zara, and bought her first designer purse- which happens to be the same one I have (a big black Longchamp bag). I love mine because it holds everything and matches everything.

On Tuesday we took the train to Nice. 

I was hoping that we would see something festive since it was Mardi Gras, but rien. There were exciting parades the week before, but nothing the day of. Besides this ferris wheel and confetti remnants on the ground.

I was disappointed because a few years ago when I was in Munich on this day (they call it Fasching), so many people were in costumes. And yes, it's not the same holiday, but Purim in Jerusalem was really fun too. In both cases more people than not were dressed up, including adults.

This is what could have been. Oh well.

We had lunch at the same pizza place I found with my mom when she was here in December. Our matching purses sat at the table next to us and had a date of their own.

Streets of Vieux Nice:


We followed up our sightseeing with some more shopping. We had to stop eventually so we wouldn't go bankrupt and so Brittany's suitcase would still close.

In Paris, Brittany "got to" experience the classic slow and apathetic French waiters. In Nice, she "got to" experience the weird way French men try to flirt. Someone slowed down their car and growled at her lol

On Wednesday morning we walked through the gardens of the castle in our town.

Then it was time to pack up and head back to Paris for her flight the next day. It was a memorable 5 hour train ride thanks to a big dog across the aisle who was having some gastrointestinal issues. Usually I'm so happy to see dogs on trains, but not so much this time. I was gagging the whole way to Paris. 

Our hotel was only a few minutes away from the Gare de Lyon. We appreciated this wall in our room, especially now that Brittany can name all of these places. At least she could a few weeks ago ;)

On Thursday we had to stop by what is possibly Paris' cutest street on the way to the airport train: Rue Crémieux. Paris is not a colorful city so this is unique! They look like little dollhouses. 

I dropped Brittany off at the airport, and instead of heading home I decided to go to Belgium. Why not. 

I didn't want to spend a day traveling north and then spend the next day going back without seeing anything. Bruges, Belgium has been on my bucket list for a while, and it so lived up to my expectations. Stay tuned for the last installment of this great trip!

I'm so happy Brittany could come to visit and I could introduce her to Europe! It was a great excuse for me to travel and we had a lot of fun. I think it was a success, because she told me she wanted to move to Paris :)

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