Sunday, November 13, 2016

President Trump??

Well, plot twist! I don't know what happened in America this week. I really didn't think it was remotely a possibility until I woke up early on Wednesday morning. I was going to just check my phone quickly and try to go back to sleep... until I saw the headlines "Trump wins Iowa!", "Trump wins Ohio!". At that point I just got up and watched the live election coverage for about 2 hours until Hillary officially conceded and Trump gave his victory speech.

Didn't see that coming!! I'm not a fan at all of the guy... but I guess fingers crossed that he's a lot better president than he was as a candidate. When the news officially announced his victory and they said "first time in history that we'll have a president who's never held political office or served in the military... I felt a little worried haha

Last January I posted this picture of me visiting a beautiful mosque in Akko, Israel and joked that someone should remind me to delete it in case President Trump became a thing. I have to say, at that point, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that it would never happen.

Oh, how wrong I was...
Anyways, I eventually got burned out reading and watching election coverage and decided to hop on a train to Nice. 

The last time I was there it was August in the height of the tourist season. It felt so different this time. It's a big city, but in the touristy section of Vieux Nice it felt pretty dead and empty. That also might be due to the fact that it was the coldest day we've had so far this fall on the Riviera- a "frosty" 55 degrees... something that I very much enjoyed! It was so joyful to wear a cozy sweater.

Place Masséna

Streets of Vieux Nice

Christmas is coming!!

As a bonus, I took a picture of the sunrise on 3 different days this past week. Every morning it's pretty much spectacular. By the end of the year I could probably publish a calendar "Sunrises of Mandelieu." The sun rises at about the same time that David's alarm goes off for work every morning, so I usually come take a peak out the window before crawling back under my blanket for a little while.

So anyways, I guess it should be an interesting 4 years. I definitely remember what I was doing when I heard who won the last few elections too. This one will be even more memorable because 1. it was such a surprise, and 2. I have pictures.

Fingers crossed for America! I'm pulling for you, even though I'm a little weirded out that so many of you are fans of Trump. Not that the other choice was that appealing to me either. C'est la vie.

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