Friday, November 18, 2016

Livin' for the weekend

Our weekends have been pretty busy since we've arrived in France. David usually takes pity on me and travels with me because I tend to get bored while he's working all week. We decided to lay low this weekend, but looking ahead I realized that my Saturdays for the next month and a half will be pretty exciting.

11/26 Gap- to get the car... after dropping it off to be fixed OVER A MONTH AGO. Only in France.

12/3 My mom will be here! We're planning a trip to San Remo, Italy on this day.

12/10 Lyon Festival of Lights- something I've wanted to see for years and years.

12/17 LONDON! Me and David are going on a quick weekend trip. So excited because I haven't been since 2005.

12/24- Christmas Eve! We'll be with David's family. I'm hoping to maybe stop by midnight mass at the local cathedral.

12/31- New Year's Eve! Believe it or not, I'lll be home in WI. I need to go home to get my French visa. I'll probably be home for 2-3 weeks while that gets worked out. Sadly, David can't come with me... but I'm trying to focus on the positives. It will be fun to be back in America and see my family and puppy. And my sister's puppy.

She's not quite this tiny anymore :)

Can't wait for the fun things to come!

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