Friday, December 13, 2013

Gymnastics in Germany

Two weeks ago, I went on a little day trip to Stuttgart, Germany. Why? To watch gymnastics! More specifically, because I'm weirdly obsessed with watching gymnastics. And because Stuttgart is only an hour train ride away!

8 gymnasts competed, and most of them are pretty famous. All of my favorite European gymnasts competed, as well as an American girl that I really like to watch.

From left to right, it's Briannah Tsang from Canada, Carlotta Ferlito and Vanessa Ferrari from Italy, Elisabeth Seitz from Germany, Larisa Iordache from Romania, Ruby Harrold from the U.K., Giulia Steingruber from Switzerland, and Elizabeth Price from the U.S.

Carlotta, Vanessa, Elisabeth, Larisa, and Giulia are Olympians, and Ruby and Elizabeth were Olympic alternates.

I had a really good seat in the 5th row right by the balance beam, so most of my pictures are from that event. So now let's play a game called "Who's in the process of doing something that I can't do?"






But the one above, also of Elisabeth, I could probably do.

So anyways, it was awesome. It was fun to get to watch the behind the scenes stuff that goes on that you don't see on TV. As someone who likes to stretch, I really liked watching how they stretch and warm-up. And I liked watching to see how the gymnasts interacted with each other. A few months ago, the Italian girl Carlotta said some very racist things about black American gymnasts. So I was trying to observe if there was any tension there haha. Sadly, no drama there for me to observe. Something interesting that I saw was that the Canadian and American coaches teamed up to help each other set up the equipment for their athletes.

Another highlight was that I got to see Elizabeth, the American, win! That was fun. I also loved watching the Romanian girl Larisa, who does the most beautiful gymnastics.

I would also count seeing Vanessa Ferrari's warm-up gear as a highlight.

Looking good, Vanessa.

After that I had a few hours before my train, so I ventured out to see a little bit of Stuttgart! This was the first weekend that the Christmas markets opened, so I of course had to see the one there. It wasn't hard to find, because it seemed like everyone else was going there too. It was very, very crowded; which made it hard to take any pictures, but I did my best.

So I guess I can say that I've experienced a German Christmas market now! I would say the main difference between the German and French markets is that in Germany everyone smells like beer and in France everyone smells like wine ;)  But I could just say that of the countries in general, sooooo...

My favorite thing I saw there was a big heart-shaped gingerbread cookie that said "Ich bin single." I guess if you don't have anyone to buy you heart-shaped cookies, you do what you have to do.

And that concludes the approximately 7 hours that I spent in Germany.

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