Monday, October 21, 2013

My New Best Friend

Introducing...the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Strasbourg!

It's so tall that it's almost impossible to take a picture of the whole thing! 

A few little facts...
1. It's the tallest structure built in the Middle Ages that's still standing.
2. It was tallest building in the world from 1647-1874.
3. It's 466 ft high.

I'm SO impressed that this cathedral started to be built in 1176. The church as it is today wasn't finished until 1439. I just really appreciate the amount of effort that they put into these things so many centuries ago!

After a very stressful day of trying to get settled in (if you only knew about all of the hoops that France makes you jump through), my mom and I went on a nighttime walk around the city and kind of came across the cathedral by accident. I'm happy that the first time I saw it was when it was all lit up at night. It's so pretty! Also, there were no other tourists around. Usually it's really crowded and loud at the cathedral, but it was quiet and peaceful at night.

We had to come back a few days later so we could actually go inside and see it in the light. That didn't disappoint either.

Since Strasbourg isn't a huge city, I wasn't expecting there to be such an amazing cathedral here! But this is Europe, right? That's just how they roll.

Because it's so tall, I get to enjoy views of the cathedral from all over the city.

So anyways, I go visit this cathedral every few days. Plus I stalk it from other vantage points in the city. That's why we're best friends now.