Saturday, October 19, 2013

Au Revoir Paris

The last day of our whirlwind trip to Paris started out at Sacré-Coeur, a huge basilica on the outskirts of the city. The church is on top of a huge hill, so you hike up a lot of stairs to get there.

I like the walk to Sacré-Coeur because the neighborhood that it's in, Montmartre, is a very charming and pretty place. It used to be the hangout of artists like Van Gogh, Degas, and Renoir.

The basilica itself wasn't built until 1875, so it's pretty new by Paris standards. There was political instability and a bloody uprising after France lost a war to Germany in 1870. This church was built to ask for forgiveness for the crimes of the Commune government. I think they did a pretty good job.

We got to see part of a mass again there, like we did at Notre Dame. So that was fun. Here's a glimpse of the inside.

Ever since my mom saw my pictures from the Paris Opera House when I went there for the first time, she has wanted to go! So that was our next destination.

I didn't make it to Versailles on this trip, but going to the Opera House helped me get my fill of gold and luxury.

The grand staircase:

I don't know why these pictures are different colors since they're in the same place...

The ballroom:

I was really feeling the need to dance since there were pictures of the ballerinas that perform here EVERYWHERE.

The balcony that's right off the ballroom:

Classic Parisian view from the balcony:

Right across the street from the Opera House is Les Galeries Lafayette, one of the fanciest, most famous department stores in Paris.

And by fancy, I'm not kidding around.

This is the main dome in the middle. There are things to buy on every level :)  Too bad I probably can't afford any of them!

Later that day we met Claire at the art gallery where she works, the Palais de Tokyo. It was Paris Fashion Week when we were there, and they were holding fashion shows in Claire's building! So we saw lots of crazily dressed people hanging out there.

 This man/woman (verdict's still out) was our favorite. 

I just love the combination of the yarn wig, square hat, and plaid suit. That is so in this season. 

So thanks to mom for chasing this person just to take a picture haha.

When we left the building, there were a ton of paparazzi waiting to take pictures of people's outfits. Sadly I don't think we made any magazines.

The Palais de Tokyo is basically right across the river from the Eiffel Tower.

We walked down to Les Invalides with Claire, and then she helped us find where our boat was taking off for the river cruise down the Seine that we wanted to do. It was great to get a last view of pretty Paris at night before leaving for Strasbourg the next day!

Until next time, Paris! You're just a 2:20 TGV ride away.

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