Friday, July 5, 2013

Tel Aviv

This was a very welcome site after finals week:

If only I could have taken a trip to the Mediterranean after every finals week. We went to Tel Aviv on our free day last Sunday, which is about 45 minutes away, on the coast.

We just laid on the beach and went swimming all day! It was very relaxing because I only went with about 10 people. In Eilat all 76 students came along, which can be a little chaotic. 

We didn’t walk around the city very much, which I would like to do if I ending up going back while I’m here. Tel Aviv is a very modern city, unlike Jerusalem. Can you see the skyscrapers in the background?

I was entertained by the lifeguards all day. They would yell funny things in Hebrew, then if the people didn’t listen they would yell in Arabic, and then in English as a last resort. One of the things I heard them yell in Hebrew was “Why are you swimming past the barrier! Do you want to DIE today?”

Something interesting we saw was Arab women getting in the water with all of their clothes on. Long dresses and headscarves, everything. They weren’t special swimming clothes at all. But I’m sure the water still felt good :) 

We ended the day by watching the sunset on the beach and heading back to Jerusalem.

I got some terrible sunburn, but now I’m actually tan! Weird.

Tel Aviv was lovely, and it helped us to relax after exams before heading to JORDAN the next day. Our lives are so hard.

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