Monday, June 17, 2013

Fun in the Red Sea

We took a trip down south yesterday! We drove four hours to go to Eilat, the southern tip of Israel. We drove through the Negev desert to get there. It looks like Mars, or southern Utah.

Find Eilat on the map and see how close we were to Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. You can actually see all of those countries from Eilat. I kind of wanted to swim over to Saudi Arabia and check that out. I don’t know if my swimsuit would be considered acceptable attire over there though.

I got to check two things off my bucket list in Eilat: 1.swimming in the Red Sea, and 2. going snorkeling!

The water was BEAUTIFUL! It was extremely clear and extremely blue. It was funny to see such blue pretty water after driving through the desert and being surrounded by desert. 

Eilat is famous for its coral reefs. Here’s some you can kind of see through the water.

We saw lots of tropical fish too. I've never seen fish like that in real life before! No pictures of them, though...I was in the water when I saw them :)

This day was great because there was NO itinerary. Usually our days are packed with tours and sites we have to see. Our professors always give us looooong lectures while we're on our field trips, too. But this trip actually had nothing to do with school! We just got to swim and lay on the beach all day. I spent some quality time with my kindle.

With my roommates Kelby and Ashleigh on the dock:

 On the way back when we stopped for dinner, I found a little piece of Wisconsin.

I miss you Wisconsin! But it was such a beautiful, relaxing day in Israel.

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