Sunday, November 19, 2017

Riviera Addict

I'm currently sitting at the Warsaw airport and on my way home for Thanksgiving! While I'm waiting, I wanted to recap the rest of what we've been up to in November.

Last weekend, we drove an hour west to St. Tropez. 

Pain au chocolat is my bae

St. Tropez is a typically glamorous, colorful Riviera town. It's claim to fame was a Brigitte Bardot movie from the 1950s. I haven't been there for over 10 years!

Even though it had been a while, I still remembered my French hosts (the Porchers) pointing out this restaurant where (then) president Jacques Chirac liked to eat.

Visiting St. Tropez in November was a big change from my previous visit in August. Most of the streets were deserted. I love visiting places in the off-season!

We walked towards this bright bell tower and eventually found ourselves in a pretty little square.

After continuing up the hill to the citadel that overlooks the city, we were treated to these views.

Since it was Veteran's Day, we also stopped by the Rhone American Military Cemetery on the way home. About 800 American soldiers who died liberating the south of France are buried here. 

A lovely French town for me and a dose of America for David... perfect day! 

The previous weekend, we drove an hour east to Beaulieu-sur-Mer to visit the neighbor of VIlla Ephrussi.

I've decided that Beaulieu is my favorite part of the Riviera. I mean, this was the view from the parking lot. It's a ridiculously beautiful place.

Villa K√©rylos is a mansion built in the early 1900s in ancient Greek style. It was fun to be transported to Greece for the afternoon. 

Besides the running water and electricity, every detail and piece of art was 2nd-century B.C.-inspired.

 The views from the terrace weren't bad either.

We haven't been able to plan trips away from home lately since we've been waiting to hear from immigration, but I've loved exploring more of the Riviera. 

Speaking of immigration... David's visa appointment in Paris has been scheduled!

We'll be heading to Paris less than a week after I get back from the U.S. He will have his visa soon after the appointment, by mid-December. 

Unfortunately, he won't be able to get out of his work contract right away. The whole 2-weeks' notice concept is not a thing in France. Per his contract, he's supposed to work for 2 more months. That means we'll come to America at the end of January. It's later than we wanted, but it feels great to have a timeline.

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