Thursday, October 26, 2017

One Day of Fall

I am a fall supremacist. I love all things fall- especially the beautiful trees and the chilly weather. Most humans would love and prefer the sunny weather of the French Riviera, but it makes me sad that we don't have changing seasons here. 

We were expecting to be home in time for Wisconsin's beautiful fall, but that didn't happen (and doesn't look like it will anytime soon..). I had to make do instead with the next best thing: fall in the Alps. Earlier in October we went on a drive through the mountains to see some fall colors. Having one day of my favorite season was better than nothing!

The best part of our excursion was stopping at the Mère-Eglise, a small 11th century church on top of a mountain. You know, this place is only about 600 years older than my country.

We've almost run out of things to see here on the Riviera, but not quite! Last weekend we explored Eze for the first time.

Eze is a village near Monaco, and we're pretty sure that on our way there we drove down the scary cliff road where Princess Grace crashed and died. This is how I learned that David doesn't know the difference between Princess Grace and Princess Diana. Maybe I should be happy that my husband doesn't obsess over princesses like me ;)

The village is perched on a hill. It was a bit of a hike to get to the top of the village, but it was worth it! 

The Jardin Exotique is at the very top of the hill. It has some castle ruins, lots of cactuses, and these amazing views of the Mediterranean and the surrounding mountains.

We (okay, mostly me) enjoyed the cute little streets in town and the small Italian-style church.

I had my eyes peeled, and did spot a few more little touches of fall in the village- in the form of pretty ivy.

It's not Wisconsin and I can't get my pumpkin shake from Culver's... but like I've said before, southern France is really not a terrible place to call home while we wait for immigration.

Next year, Wisconsin! I promise.

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