Wednesday, February 15, 2017

An Abnormal Saturday

At first I was going to call this 'a normal Saturday,' but then I realized that this year it really isn't normal for us to not be traveling on the weekend ;)

Don't laugh, but I feel like spring has started to spring on the Riviera. People are starting to come out of hibernation. There are people out on the streets again. It's really been a ghost town since late November, but it looks like it's starting to wake up!

We have had some beautiful sunny weather this week, and certain flowers are starting to bloom. We had to take advantage of that and start our weekend with a walk by the water. This is officially the second best walk by the water in Mandelieu. The first best is by the castle, obviously.

Second best walk:

First best walk:

For lunch we drove over to Cannes and made David's dreams come true by going to an American-themed restaurant- the Little Rock Diner. It is hilarious to me that there are American-themed restaurants here. They are usually styled like 50s diners. Our food was even adorned with tiny American flags.

I didn't find it to be 100% authentic American food (I mean, what diner has no grilled cheese on the menu: blasphemy)- but they really tried and it's a cute place. David was in heaven. He decided we will go there to celebrate when his green card is approved.

Our other reason for heading to Cannes was some apartment hunting! We're in the process of looking for a new place. This was the first one we were able to visit.

It was pretty good but a little expensive and a little far from David's work. It did however, have a modern kitchen, big bedroom, big closet, and balcony. And it's just a few hundred yards from the beach. Did I just make you visualize an episode of House Hunters? Because that was my goal.

We will try to see some more places this week and make a decision. The rent will be painful, but I'm excited to have our own place and to be in a bigger city! We did have our current place to ourselves at first, but now the owner of the apartment (family member of David) comes on the weekends.

Our exciting and exotic Saturday ended with some grocery shopping. I'm such a good wife that I got some supplies to cook for Valentine's Day. Just kidding, a good wife would probably cook a little more often than that. Actually, considering my cooking skills I'm probably being a good wife by not cooking.

On our next few weekends we will be in Gap, Milan, and flying home from Belgium (that one's just me). See what I mean? This weekend of sticking around was pretty abnormal.

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