Saturday, July 30, 2016

Down south for the weekend

It had been TWO YEARS since I'd seen one of my favorite friends Stephanie Jones, so I had to make this happen. She's coming to my wedding in two months (and she's a bridesmaid!), but since I know I'll be super busy, I needed some Stephanie time beforehand.

She lives fairly close to Nashville in the Murfreesboro area. Actually, her address is in a little town called Bell Buckle. It's my new favorite hobby to pronounce 'Bell Buckle, Tinnessee' with a very unrealistic and exaggerated southern accent.

I thought I was flying to TN on Friday and flying home on Monday. After packing everything, getting up early to catch my flight, and starting the drive to O'Hare, I realized that my flight was actually the next day, Saturday. Who does that???? So it ended up being the world's shortest trip. I think my brain is broken. Send help.

When I did finally arrive, we started out the weekend shopping. Because obviously. Then we made it to her house and met up with her husband and 2 little boys. I can't believe I have a friend who has a house and 2 children. #27andgettingold

Hi Baby Enoch! Or as he's known by the TN natives: Ee-knock.
We pretty much spent the whole weekend talking. It was fun to reminisce about our first few years at BYU (we lived together for the first 3), make fun of the strange people we used to know, and also compare some teaching stories (she teaches middle school science). I could talk to Stephanie about any subject and it probably wouldn't even be weird.

There were 2 problems with my trip (besides it being a day shorter than I meant it to be)- we forgot to take a picture together, and we forgot to choreograph a dance together. That's kind of our tradition that began when we were super sophisticated 18 year olds who still had Spice Girls songs on their Itunes.

I won't post a video of one of our past dances, because only very privileged people are allowed to see those. I will, however, take a walk down memory lane with some pictures. These are probably better than pictures we would have taken last weekend, because it was horribly humid and my makeup kept melting off my face and my hair was doing scary things.

2007- 18 year old babies
2007- Just us dressed as Spice Girls on our way to the VIDEO STORE to rent the movie Spice World. Normal.

2009- That time when she was Lady Gaga for Halloween and she was intentionally faux naked under the lace and we went to a church party. One of my best college memories. Also she has the wig I was wearing in the previous picture ;)

This was 2011- I can't believe it was 5 years ago!! She got married in the Salt Lake temple, and then me and the whole family road tripped to the Tennessee reception.

I'm sure there will be more Tennessee trips in my future. It was so great to catch up with this girl. Our friendship can always pick up where it left off. 

I decided that flying to hang out with friends was a much better method than complaining that I have no friends left in Wisconsin. A few weeks ago I had some Olimpia time, and now I had my Stephanie time. And in less than 2 weeks, it will finally be David time! I'll be flying into Nice for a week and a half of Riviera sun and and swimming in the Mediterranean. My boring summer of no friends and no fiancé is looking up.

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