Monday, June 13, 2016

Last months in America

After the craziness of getting engaged and me starting my new job (the verdict on how my job turned out here), it was starting to dawn on us that David had to leave America pretty soon! He arrived in the US in May of 2015, and had gotten to see a lot... but of course there was still more to see and do before he left. Every weekend we usually tried to get out and see something new. Here are the results.

On a Saturday in April, we drove about 30 minutes north of Germantown to visit Belgium and Port Washington. Sadly, not the real Belgium. It's a tiny town with not much to do except to take a picture by the sign that says you're in Belgium, and to try their delicious locally made cheese. They have a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant where they take about 10 years to make your order but it tastes really good. David was too afraid to try the cheese because he was having traumatic flashbacks to French locally made cheese. But that didn't stop me from enjoying mine!

The town of Port Washington is pretty close by. It's a nice town to walk around that's right on Lake Michigan. Wa walked for a while along the lake. A ton of people were out fishing even though it was freezing. I took off my winter coat and then quickly put it back on afterwards to take this picture. It's always colder by the lake. #wisconsinprobs

The next weekend, David came along with me and my parents on the best road trip of all time. PUPPY ROAD TRIP!!!!! Our house had felt so empty without a dog and we'd been anticipating this for a while. We all drove down to southern Missouri to bring home 9 week old Buttercup. We actually brought home 2 puppies, because we know the family from church who was adopting Buttercup's sister Hattie. It was a magical and crazy 8 hours in the car with these babies. We kept stopping for them to go potty, but when we went outside they would be too excited and preferred to do things like eat dandelions, bite their leashes, and play with each other. Thankfully, there weren't any accidents... until we got home and went inside :)

A few weeks later, we realized that David has never been to downtown Cedarburg, one of my favorite little towns! Of course, the main draw for me are the cute shops, but it's also fun to just walk around. We went to go see the covered bridge, a famous landmark from the 1800s.

One of the major things on the wedding checklist that we had to accomplish before David left was to take engagement pictures. We decided to do the photo shoot in downtown Milwaukee, and went one Saturday to scout out some locations. Of course, the day we went it was barely 40 degrees and there was a windchill. It was May 14th, might I add haha. 

I love downtown Milwaukee! I don't think people from other states understand that it's a cool city. We visited St. Josaphat's Basilica, which I'd never been to... an impressive church built by Polish immigrants, and then walked around in the Third Ward and along the River Walk. We took the actual pictures 2 weeks later... thankfully on a much nicer, actual spring day. We supposedly finally get to see the engagement pictures today- can't wait to see how they turned out!

For my birthday on May 21st, we went on a date to the Milwaukee Zoo. It's a pretty place with a lot of happy memories from my childhood. I had it pre-arranged that it would be perfect weather for my birthday, so naturally it was. It was a little crowded with half of Milwaukee happily enjoying one of the first nice days outside, but still fun.

David's birthday was just 6 days later, so we had a joint party with family and family friends. Happy 27th and 24th year to us!

Memorial Day was his 2nd last weekend in America. For the most patriotic not-yet American citizen that has possibly ever existed, we of course had to celebrate. After church we stopped by Memorial Park in Brookfield that puts up flags every year. A cemetery is probably a slightly inappropriate place to take selfies. Sorry dead people! The next day we went to the parade downtown- another first for me. It was pretty good compared to the last parade we went to together (Chicago's St. Patrick's Day was really lame).

It's been a fun last few months being engaged and seeing new places together. I don't really know what I'm going to do with myself now. Exhibit A: it's past 11 and I haven't gotten dressed yet. I'm working on it.

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