Thursday, January 28, 2016

Students of Haifa U

I came from a university where 99.9% of students were the same religion as me. Haifa University, in contrast, has students of all different backgrounds and from lots of different places. I really enjoyed the multicultural atmosphere and getting to meet not only Israelis and Palestinians, but people from all over the world. I took some pictures over the last few months to give people back home a taste of what it looks like to study in Israel.

One of the unique things is seeing lots of IDF soldiers. It’s funny that I actually got used to people walking around with guns on campus. Note the gun stuck in the back of his pants.

I also enjoyed this girl who chose the skirt uniform option and accessorized with a girly backpack. This would be me if I was Israeli.

Just because I don’t know where else to post this, here’s some other random solider pictures I took during my year here. Jewelry shopping, a couple with a TINY girl, asleep on the bus cuddling his machine gun, and even at an LDS church meeting (the funniest one). It’s just a normal part of life here.

Some other samplings of students:

3 Muslims and a religious Jewish girl.

Anyways, I didn’t take a lot of pictures. Funny enough, I actually do feel creepy when I do this so it doesn’t happen a lot... this is the result of being there for a year!

It’s so weird that my time there is over. I have 2 alma maters now. This semester I studied Yiddish, Holocaust literature, a class specifically about German Jews, and a class studying different conflict theories (political science/sociology=boring and not my thing). 

During my last week of class I stopped by the Hecht Museum, the museum on campus, for the first time. It actually turned out to be better and bigger than expected. It was kind of an unexpected combination of archeology and art. They had a pretty good collection of French impressionist paintings, like this Monet one.

This modern art, however, I was not a super big fan of. I, too, could stack toilets and drape Christmas lights on them. But I choose not to.

Caananite coffins-

Oil lamps from the Roman period (like the ones in the 10 virgins parable)-

The coolest thing was probably this boat, which is... wait for it... 2,400 years old. Who knew this was sitting at my university all along.

Not in the museum, but the other day I randomly came across a 1940s Book of Mormon in the campus library. That was a surprise.

Goodbye, campus! I will miss this spectacular Mediterranean view.

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