Tuesday, January 6, 2015

12 Days of Christmas

A brief recap of my Christmas break in Wisconsin.

0 snow
Yeah. That was depressing. Of course, now that I'm gone they have a ton of snow.

1 Christmas day with my family
The reason I sat through a 12 hour flight!

2 Qwirkle victories
Nothing says Christmas like beating your family in Qwirkle.

3 movies at the theater
Annie (okay), Mockingjay+Unbroken (better)

4 grilled cheese sandwiches
Culver's and Robert's, then Culver's and Robert's again. 

5 Christmas trees in the house
We don't mess around with decorating.

6 shirts for Daisy
Me and Jenna had a little too much fun choosing Daisy's outfits. Also, I miss Daisy.

7 times I almost started doing homework
It just didn't happen. So now that I'm back I'm a little stressed.

8 episodes of Say Yes to the Dress
TLC is the best. And it's nice to have a TV.

9 new books to read
I've already polished off a few of them!

10 hours spent shopping
Approximately. Between Christmas gift shopping and gift card spending.

11 days at home

and finally...

12 minutes wasted on this instead of catching up on homework :)

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