Thursday, August 20, 2015

Not Impressed

Lately in my free time (actually- usually during class time shhhhh) I've been doing some picture organizing/deleting. My iPhoto memory was getting full because- surprise- I have never deleted pictures from it. I didn't even know how to until a few days ago, and I've had this computer for over 5 years. Oops.

I've gotten rid of thousands of blurry, useless pictures... but I've also uncovered a few reject pictures that made me laugh. You know how some people have 'resting faces' that look happy? Mine just. does. not.

Several reminded me of this:

Remember Mckayla Maroney? From way back in 2012?

So, here is my "not impressed" travel picture series, brought to you by bad communication skills between me and the photographers. Enjoy.

1. #notimpressed with the French Riviera. 

2. #notimpressed with the Hagia Sophia. 

3. #notimpressed with riding a camel in Petra, Jordan. Just because the place was cool enough to be the setting of an Indiana Jones movie does not mean that it's cool enough to impress me. I do not do wildlife. Or deserts.

4. #notimpressed with the Eiffel Tower. So cliché. It's not like it's the iconic landmark of my favorite city or anything. Let's move on.

5. #notimpressed with St. Peter's Basilica. Oh? Michelangelo designed this? Pope Francis: you can do better.

6. #notimpressed with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The thousands of other tourists here might condescend to pose for cheesy pictures holding it up. But not me. I will just stand here awkwardly until it's time to catch my train.

Thankfully, I also got 'normal' pictures at all of these places too. Because in reality, all of them did impress me haha. Looking back, I can't think of any city/country that I've visited that completely outright did not impress me. I liked some a lot more than others, but I don't think there's any I regret shelling out the euros/shekels to go see.

Except for Troy. Troy sucked.

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