Sunday, October 5, 2014

Summer. It's over.

Summer is officially over! It hit 40 degrees yesterday! Pumpkin-flavored deliciousness is everywhere! And my time in Wisconsin is quickly coming to an end. 

We got back from a trip to Utah on Saturday, which was officially my last trip out of Wisconsin until I leave for Israel (except for going to the Chicago airport, if I'm being precise). Here's a recap of my summer adventures. They weren't really adventures compared to what I was up to last year, but I did get around to 10 different states so that's not bad.

I went to Utah for the first time at the end of May. I got to see family and catch up with some great friends. Highlights were our little FLSR reunion and all of the sister hang-out time.

In June I started my dance teaching job. I taught 4 classes once a week. I wish I could have taught more! It's the best job ever. 

At the end of June, Jenna came to visit and we had some fun times... including a Brewer's game, State Fair, and finding a drive-thru cheese store in Belgium, WI.

After Jenna's visit, the rest of us drove down south for the Houdek family reunion in Branson, MO. I already expressed my thoughts about Branson a few posts ago haha. But it was a fun time with the family! For the 4th of July, we drove to Kansas City to hang out with some more family... where it was also very fun to catch up with everyone.

My next stop was flying to Tennessee directly from Kansas. I finally had a much-needed reunion with my good friend Stephanie Jones. She was a former BYU roommate who I hadn't seen in forever! I had such a great time hanging out with her and her family and meeting her adorable son Westin.

About a week after getting home from Tennessee, I decided to go along on the Milwaukee YSA ward trip to Kirtland and Palmyra. I don't actually attend that ward or know anyone in that ward, but I thought hey... why not? I'm glad I decided to go, because I love visiting those places and the trip ended up being pretty fun.

In August, we welcomed a French visitor to the Houdek house. My friend David, who I met in France last year (haha, obviously) came over to experience the joys of Wisconsin. We had a great time showing him around exotic locations like Nauvoo, Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, and Green Bay.

Contrary to what these pictures make it seem like, I did not spend the whole summer doing fun and exciting things. A lot of the time, I was kind of bored and really lazy. None of these pictures express the amount of time I spent working on my Israel scrapbook (almost done!) in my pajamas while watching TLC and/or Netflix.

For a slightly more realistic idea of how I spent my time, here's a small selection of the Daisy pictures I took. Let's just say someone might have gotten a little TOO much love and attention this summer :)   

I did go to Chicago yet again after David left to apply for my Israeli visa. It was fun to go with mom and visit the Art Institute of Chicago for the first time and do a little shopping (ZARA!).

The last trip I have to document was the one we just got back from. We spent a week in my "favorite" state of Utah. Besides spending time with family and friends, we visited Sundance and the Great Salt Lake and watched the BYU football team get their butts kicked in person.

About a month ago, I started to get kind of antsy and ready to leave for Israel, but all in all it's been a really fun and relaxed summer. I know when my life gets crazy being back in school again I will be nostalgic for these lazy days.

For now, all I have left to do is get started on packing and enjoy the fall weather before I leave in just 12 DAYS!

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