Israel Life

I spent about 1.5 years living in Haifa, Israel for grad school in 2014-2015. I worked towards an M.A. in Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa.

I learned a lot and and it was an amazing adventure to live in Israel again after a previous study abroad in Jerusalem.

Arrival  Settling in a new country with only one functioning leg.

First Shabbat

Haifa U. vs. BYU  A Jewish and Muslim university v. a very Mormon one.

Yiddish Adventures

Where I live(d)   Tour of Haifa and the beautiful dorms.

First Israel travels

David's visit My boyfriend (now husband's) first visit to Israel!

Solo Jerusalem 

What I actually do here  Student life- the unique things I got to study and experience.

Galilee travels  Nazareth, Rosh Pina, and Tzfat.

Parents visit     Haifa, Galilee, and Jerusalem- we saw it all! 

The unexpected injury

Ramadan in Jerusalem   Lights and celebrations in the Muslim Quarter.

Exploring Old Jaffa  My first time in the old city of Tel Aviv. 


Malls: Israeli style

Exploring Akko   One of my favorite cities in Israel!

Jerusalem Reunion  Reuniting with a friend from my study abroad.

Why I love living here   So many people back home don't understand.

Crazy, colorful Jerusalem

Christmas in Israel   Finding Christmas celebrations in a Jewish/Muslim country.

Haifa Day

Akko in a sandstorm

Jerusalem in a hurricane

Surviving an Israeli interrogation   What it's like to go through security at Ben Gurion airport.

Glimpses of campus life

Church in a country without church  Being a religious minority within a religious minority.

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