Saturday, September 24, 2016

Marissa Rubino in 5 days and counting

Tonight is my last night in my bed. In the room I've slept in since I was 3. Trying not to be nostalgic about that, because the reason that it's my last night here is HAPPY.  It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that I was lucky enough to find someone I love and who loves me enough to get married- to spend every day together for the rest of forever. That is big. It took me a long time to decide that's what I wanted, but once I did, I just felt better and better about my decision. Even though we were used to dating long distance, this summer apart was kind of terrible. I'm usually not very emotional about stupid things, but ever since the day he left in June I just have felt super sensitive and on the verge of tears way more than I can admit without being an embarrassment to myself. So glad that's over!!

I hope this whole week goes well and that we all get through the stress of wedding planning and just be happy and celebrate together.

We picked up David and his parents at O'Hare tonight! No more saying goodbye now. We all head to New York state tomorrow for the wedding.

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