Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Verdict on Teaching

I've only been teaching for 3 months, but excuse me while I go sleep for next 6 months to recover.

Friday was officially the last day of school!! I successfully survived my first real teaching job. I taught 5 classes at 3 different schools. 4 of the classes were different, which means I had to prepare 4 different lesson plans. Also, I was trying to start planning a wedding on the side. And trying to hang out with David without falling asleep. Most days, I would wake up early enough to work for at least an hour before I got ready, teach, and then work for at least 5 hours after I got home from school.

It's been a crazy, sleep-deprived whirlwind. I learned a lot, started to get the hang of teaching, really enjoyed (most of) my students, and also enjoyed coming up with fun and interesting ways to teach French. Of course, it was also not without stress and feeling like I needed a lot more hours in the day.

The verdict: I can do it, but it's definitely a hard job. I'm happy to have time to recharge, but I am planning to look for a teaching job again when I come back from France. Even though I'm very excited for my life next year, part of me is sad that I won't be back in the fall.

I don't know if my next job will end up being this busy, but it's kind of the nature of being a French teacher. Most schools have pretty small French programs, which means a lot of times they only have 1 French teacher who has to teach every level. In contrast, most other teachers I know only have maybe 2 different preps. 

The sad irony is now that I'm done and I have free time... David had to go back to France :(  His visa was up, and he had to go back last Monday. School ended later that week. So close yet so far. 

I'm planning on visiting in August. Right now he's trying to find a job, so I guess that will affect where I get to visit! We'll probably try to travel somewhere too. I'll be spending my summer teaching dance once a week, wedding planning, video chatting, writing grad school papers, playing with the puppy, and sleeping in.

Happy summer vacation!

And goodbye to my home of the last 3 months!

I decided to be super mature on the last day of school and experiment with projecting myself on the wall with the docucam. It worked. haha

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