Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hanging on

I'm laughing a little bit now about how excited that last post was  :)

I'm still happy about this job and that I have a chance to try out French teaching at a good school, but wow. I'm tired.

Right now it's spring break, so I have a chance to relax a little and try to get ahead on lesson planning. I've taught for 2 weeks now. Every single day I was teaching, I would work on planning for the next day ALL night. The second I got home from school, I was planning until I went to bed past midnight, got 5 hours of sleep, and did it all over again. I'm not the best at handling sleep deprivation, so it was kind of rough.

I'm hoping it will start to get better. It will get better, right??? I think it already has gotten slightly better, now that I'm a little more used to it. Unfortunately, every teacher I've talked to has told me that it's like this the entire first year you teach. For me, that means it will be like this until next March.

The good news is that after the first year, everyone says it gets way better. The bad news is that next March seems really far away right now.

I feel like in general my classes have gone well and my students have been fun and cooperative. I've enjoyed getting to speak a lot of French in my everyday life and getting to share things about French culture. So that's the positive! It's just a big life transition to be working this many hours. I don't have time anymore to do the things I usually enjoy.

I guess this is being an adult?

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