Sunday, November 10, 2013

Worlds Collide

So, taking a break from the European travelogues... worlds collided. BYU and Wisconsin played each other in football. 

I was excited about this since it was announced, since these are probably the only two college football teams in the country that I care about. I could care less about any other team winning or losing.

I made the decision right away who I would be cheering for, even though this game was announced while I was still a BYU student. Go Badgers :)

Why, you ask? During my first year of two of college, I was more of a BYU sports fan. I gradually became less of a BYU sports fan as I started liking BYU less and less, and BYU sports teams started losing more and more (those two events are unrelated by the way...). There was a brief resurgence of my school spirit during the Jimmer era, but in general it was a downward spiral.

Eventually, I started REALLY being ready to leave BYU and escape the Utah bubble world. I was homesick from Day 1 of my university experience (not that I didn't enjoy my university experience, I was just ready for it to end). 

I started really cheering on the Packers and other Wisconsin sports teams (like the Badgers!) during my time in Utah. Following how they were doing was a happy little connection to home. Sports are a big deal in Wisconsin, guys. It's fun to be a Wisconsin sports fan.

The University of Wisconsin represents our state, and I LOVE our state. Let's just say that I do not love the state that BYU is found in. 

To summarize, I'm a BYU grad who just doesn't care that much about BYU sports. But I care a lot about my home state of Wisconsin. I'm glad they won yesterday (and kind of kicked BYU's butt haha)...

Since I happen to live in France and couldn't watch the game, I was reading updates on Twitter so I could see what the final score was. I never knew how entertaining it would be. I started taking screen shots of some of the funny tweets. Probably because it was like one in the morning my time, everything seemed hilarious.

There were some misconceptions of Mormonism....

Also, some Wisconsin fans didn't really seem to grasp the concept that we don't drink :)


But some people got it.

Yep, probably.

Some BYU fans got it, too.

My favorites were the Wisconsinites making fun of how warmly Mendenhall was dressed haha.

Sometimes, tweets showed up on my feed that were completely unrelated to football.

Why is someone at BYU spending time on this? Just...why?

Sometimes, people just spoke the truth.


 And lastly, I'm glad some Utahn finally caught onto this. It's our dairy farms that give us strength.

So I had fun with that. It would have been more fun going to the game, like my parents got to! Hopefully they continue to play each other, and I can go someday :)

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